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George Taylor Fine Art

Chattanooga, TN


Having carried a camera around for over 50 years and been in some facet of the photography business for some 30 years, I figure it's time to share and make some of my best work available for your enjoyment. Most of what you see here comes from my digital collection. However, there will be additions from my collection of film photos from years ago as I digitize that work.

I live in one of the most scenic parts of the country - southeast Tennessee. There are mountains, trails, lakes, rivers, etc all around us. Then there is beach close by (if you count 6 hours as close!). So, you'll see many shots out of these two areas.

So, come explore! Enjoy! Maybe there is something you'd like to hang on your wall. You can also find and follow me on twitter: @g_t_photos.


Tennessee River Sunset 2


Carousel Sunset 2


Smoky Mountain Sunset 2


Smoky Mountain Sunset 1


A Farm in the Smokies


A Farm in the Smokies


Steam Engine


Engine 2147 - Little River RR


Flat Car and Hitch


Roots 1


Roots 2


Log and path


Flat Car


Controls of the Dorothy


Drive Gears


Stop and Go


Engine 2147 - Little River RR


Barn Interior


Barn Boards


Wooden Door Hinge


The Little Cabin in Cades Cove


Forest and Mountains


View from a Pew


The Pulpit View


Oliver Cabin 2